At the Adrian Fanus Grooming salon, we strive to provide excellent service
to our guests. In order to do so, we have updated our Cancellation, No-Show
and Late Appointment policy. Cancellations and No-Shows leave
gaps in our schedules that cannot be filled without timely notice and
prevent us from being able to accommodate other guests waiting for

You Must Provide At Least:

• 4-hours notice to cancel appointments

Guests who cancel their appointments without proper notice or do not show
up for their reserved appointment times are considered a "No-show".


If you No-Show you will be required a fee equal to 100% of the
missed services. If you are 15 minutes late you will be considered a No-Show.

You will also be required from that point forward to prepay in full for any future services booked. 


Late Arrivals

We will always try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind,
stuck in traffic, etc.  It happens, we know! However, your tardiness can
affect the remainder of our teams’ day by delaying them for their clients who
come in on time. For this reason, we have set a few general ground rules for
such situations. Clients will generally be allowed a 10 minute grace period. 

If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment you will be considered a No-Show.
Please call us if you think you will arrive late for your reserved appointment
time. If possible, we will try to adjust our schedule. However, it is possible
we may ask you to reschedule your visit to another day if it interferes with
another client's appointment time.