Since it’s inception in 2009, Adrian Fanus Grooming (AFG) has redefined the grooming experience with hospitality, comfort and an excellence in customer service. The philosophy of AFG functions as such, just as there is a difference between buying a suit off the rack and purchasing one that is tailor made, there is a difference between getting a generic haircut and receiving a bespoken grooming experience.

Each haircut is a personal statement, a brand, a visual fingerprint of who you are, that is an expression of individuality and uniqueness. The essence of who you are, from your style to facial structure, personality to profession, is taken into account with each haircut you receive. Our clientele involves a long list of celebrities and stars, but our philosophy involves treating each and every customer no different than an Oscar Winner or millionaire athlete.

Among the hustle and bustle of busy city life, among the long workdays or work nights, and tiring family life, AFG presents environment that is almost an oasis in the midst of a desert. Here you can retreat into a space of luxury and comfort. Upon entering you will be presented with a courtesy beverage ranging from champagne, to wine, seasonal drinks, to various teas, or a bevy of juices. As you receive your select beverage you will be escorted to our plush waiting area, outfit with comfortable leather furniture, a flat screen TV, cable, a chess set, and a wide array of books and magazines to entertain you until the start of your appointment.

Here our business is your pleasure. We provide a service of excellence, a space of peace, and the experience of being so comfortable, that upon leaving, you just might turn out the lights, as one of our clients did, mistaking our loft for his home. It was our greatest compliment because it reflected our greatest commitment.

Welcome home.